September 13, 2016: Where Did My Usage Report Go?

With the latest update to the Nuance Management Console, there are a few minor display changes. They are all related to the presentation of menus and labels. The functionality has not changed, but at first look it can be a little confusing.

The first change is that the application is now called the Nuance Management Center rather than the Nuance Management Console. It is still referred to as the NMC.

The next change that our users will notice is that the tab for Trends has been replaced. This directly impacts the generation of usage reports. Once again, the usage report has not changed. You just need to get there a different way. To run a usage report, go to the home screen, and along the top, you will see the tab for Trends has been removed.

You will want to select Reports instead. When you select Reports, you will see a new section named Dragon Speech Usage. In that section there is a new button named Cloud Usage.

Click on Cloud usage, and you will see the same screen which you are used to seeing for generating a usage report.

You still generate the usage report the same way. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued use of Clinically Speaking cloud based applications.

The Clinically Speaking Team

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