Empowering Healthcare with voice-driven EHR solutions.

We reduce the burden of EHR documentation by implementing speech recognition and AI powered software products.

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Clinically Speaking is proud of our partnership with Microsoft Nuance and relationship with OpenAI that power our applications.


Elevate your day with enhanced documentation.

Clinically Speaking AutoPilot incorporates Nuance’s generative AI service, DAX, to allow you to generate medical notes from the patient-provider conversation. The generated medical notes can then be imported directly into the EMR without the provider ever having to access the EMR directly.


Instant accuracy, No voice training needed.

CSpeak is the pinnacle of modern speech recognition integration. Designed to integrate with over 24 medical record systems and applications, CSpeak provides you with speech recognition services where you need it no matter what. Included with CSpeak is access to the command pack service where you can design command workflows to increase your productivity and enhance your unique workflow.


Dictate and review anywhere and with absolute peace

CScription allows providers the freedom to dictate their encounter notes directly from their phone. The provider can create, edit, and remove notes directly from their mobile device without any direct access to the EMR. Once the encounter note is completed it is seamlessly imported into the EMR through the cloud. CScription is the perfect solution for the provider who wants to take their dictation workflow to the next level.


IT-Friendly cloud solutions for healthcare organizations.

Nuance's secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution for clinicians. Dictate from any Windows computer, including virtualized and remote-access PCs. Simplify IT administration with Nuance’s flagship cloud dictation application. Access the DAX CoPilot service allowing your providers to insert their generated encounter notes into the note.


Medical dictation built for the modern web

Medic is the first of its kind, cross-platform medical dictation service that is designed for the modern web EHR. Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Chrome OS Flex, IOS, and Android.


Wireless-Mic Freedom with PowerMic™ mobile

PowerMic Mobile allows the provider to use their mobile device as a wireless microphone with CSpeak and Dragon One. Removing the need to carry around extra recording equipment, providers can leverage the device they already carry with them. No more expensive microphones needed. Available on Android and IOS platforms.



Available for Local and virtual Environments


Solutions that work with your Electronic Health Report


Intuitive and user friendly interfacers


Stored in the cloud and Accessed anywhere

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We offer web based or onsite assistance for installation and configuration for all of our products.Clinically Speaking provides easy to follow documentation, support and remote assistance during the installation of any of our products. Customers can easily view installation requirements and documents on our website.

Speech recognition products require the user to have a microphone.

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We lower the pain scale rating of EHR documentation by implementing speech recognition and encounter note generation products.

Clinically Speaking is a highly specialized team of experts in the field of speech recognition, EHR documentation, and office workflows. Our core team focuses on the tasks you need completed to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our installation, training, and support teams are quick and precise. We pride ourselves on making your organization knowledgeable and self-sufficient and the key to that is our staff.

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