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We lower the pain scale rating of EMR documentation by implementing voice recognition, transcription, and patient communication products.

Beginning as a voice recognition company in 2002, our team has put together a comprehensive suite of products that enhances the clinical experience for both patients and healthcare providers. We have several voice recognition products available to providers, and we use our expertise to take the mystery out of this process. Our in-depth knowledge of Centricity and ability to customize commands to any form set and workflow has proven invaluable to our customers. READ MORE…


We offer web based or onsite assistance for installation and configuration for all of our products.

Clinically Speaking provides easy to follow documentation, support and remote assistance during the installation of any of our products. Customers can easily view installation requirements and documents on our website.

Voice recognition products require the user to have a microphone. For our list of recommended microphones, click here.

Unsure which product will work best for your organization? Use our product selection assistant to find out which products fit your needs.

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We offer interactive online training sessions or onsite instruction in person.

Clinically Speaking has a streamlined and targeted training process which maximizes the functionality to the end user for use in the EHR. After your software has been installed, Clinically Speaking can provide interactive web training sessions. This is a good way to get your users successfully using their new software. This one on one session is scheduled at a time convenient for the provider and takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your product.

For larger groups, we highly recommend the onsite training option. This allows for accommodating several users schedules and individualized needs.

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Our staff is here to help.

While there is no substitute for proper installation and training, Clinically Speaking does support all of the products we sell. Clinically Speaking maintains a client only portion of the website and users are encouraged to visit the support section of that module.  You may find answers to your support questions from the documentation provided.  If you would like to access the client only section but do not have a user name and password, please contact support for assistance.

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If you would like to contact support with questions or to troubleshoot, use the link below.

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Stay up to date with your software.

Your annual support for all Dragon products includes upgrade assurance.  If you are a current Clinically Speaking customer, you are provided upgrades at little or no charge.  The monthly usage fee for the cloud products include all upgrades.  If you are not a Clinically Speaking customer but would like to upgrade your version of Dragon, product upgrades are available for purchase.

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Custom Commands

Take your voice recognition to the next level.

Clinically Speaking can provide enhanced integration, navigation, and voice-activated macros for EHR users. We utilize voice recognition as a tool to enhance the use of the EHR rather than an alternative to the EHR. We can create custom commands to fit your site and match your workflows. There are hundreds of “out of the box” commands, but sometimes a unique command for your site is what you need.

Clinically Speaking’s command generator can be used to

  • Simplify the process of creating voice commands to add problems and medications.
  • Use Clinical list changes to create voice commands to template a procedure or entire encounter.

The Command Generator creates all the components of an effective command set for you, along with a catalogue of commands for reference, giving you everything you need to take your voice recognition to the next level.

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DISCOVER THE right PRODUCT for YOUR organization.

What are your needs?

Based upon your responses to the categories below, we can recommend the best fit for your organization.

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