Using CScription providers can mimic the convenience of traditional transcription allowing providers to freely dictate text and have it retrieved into the EHR as structured data. CScription allows providers to dictate with simple structures and use generative AI with GPT-4 to create EHR specific documents.
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Dictation-to-EHR Transformation

The choice by healthcare providers who want to dictate on the go, the CScription app allows a medical provider to dictate their encounter notes from their mobile device and have the generated notes automatically import into the EHR.

From Voice to Data, Anytime, Anywhere

CScription lets clinicians dictate via their phones, akin to traditional transcription but without delays. Dictations are EHR-friendly and reviewable by providers or staff. Using a secure connection like other Clinically Speaking apps, it facilitates speech-to-text documentation entry from any location, at any time.

CScription can communicate with ChatGPT to provide an even more robust documentation solution as well.

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