CSpeak built with the clinician in mind. Constructed on Nuance's cloud based Speech Anywhere Services platform, CSpeak has all the power of Dragon but is built and customized for your EHR. Secure, cloud-based, clinical speech recognition at the point of the cursor in your EHR.
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Leveraging the power of Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition database.

CSpeak is highly scalable, ready to use, and incredibly accurate from the very first time you speak –no voice training required. Unlike voice recognition solutions of the past, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily deploy CSpeak across the enterprise without an enterprise level expense. Your Windows-based devices, including virtualized and remote-access PCs, can be configured for use within minutes. CSpeak’s monthly subscription model also gives your organization the flexibility to quickly add new users as well as remove users that leave the practice.

Effortless Documentation: No Dictation Box Required!

Experience a simple and seamless documentation process where the need for a dictation box' becomes obsolete, streamlining workflows and providing users with an efficient way to create documentation.

Boost Workflow with Customizable Commands

Elevate your workflow with the ability to program step-by-step commands for frequently repeated clicks and keystrokes.

Comprehensive Clinical Note Generation

Converts encounter conversations into comprehensive clinical notes tailored to each specialty, ensuring adherence to documentation standards and facilitating appropriate coding.

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