Clinically Speaking and Nuance have partnered up to develop the next generation of clinical documentation solutions using generative AI technology.
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AutoPilot works with GPT-4 and Nuance’s ambient recording and DAX technology. AutoPilot listens to the patient-provider interaction to generate a clinical note automatically.

Automatic, Accurate, and Efficient Documentation

Automatically captures patient encounters in real time, surpassing the capabilities of traditional virtual scribes. With scalability across your organization, Clinically Speaking delivers enhanced healthcare experiences for providers and patients alike.

Ambient Multi-Party Conversation Capture

Efficiently evaluates patient interactions in a synchronous manner, exceeding the functionalities of conventional transcription systems. Possessing scalability throughout your institutional framework, Clinically Speaking facilitates augmented healthcare interactions for both healthcare providers and patients.

Comprehensive Clinical Note Generation

Converts provider-patient conversations into comprehensive clinical notes tailored to each specialty, ensuring adherence to documentation standards and facilitating appropriate coding.

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